I've been playing the new One Republic album Native over & over today. 

The song "You've Got Something I Need" has been stuck in my head, mostly because it's so true. 

There are so many things that we need, not just anyone can give them to us either. 

Every single person on this earth is different than me, 

We walk in different circles, we live different styles of life. 

We may have similarities, but still.....those similarities can create any range of diversity.

You may be many of these things.... you might be Straight, Gay, Christian, Atheist, Asian, African -American, coach seat buyers, only first class fliers, dr. pepper sippers, coca-cola drinkers, alcoholics, druggies, high all the time, sober as a stone, pro- abortion, pro-choice, liberal, conservative, glass half full, glass half empty, pro-bama, no-bama, guns are good, or guns are bad....there is something we can all learn from one another. 

We all hold special gifts & talents, you all know how to do things that I don't & you all have seen life through your own pair of eyes. You have something I need

This is why it is so vital that we share, fellowship, & talk with one another. 
We share experiences, life stories, different quotes, laughter, sadness, lessons we have learned.... 
& whether we want to or not....we are always giving things to others. 

I am constantly giving you things whether I realize it or not. 

If I share my smile, I give you a reason to smile back. 

I share hardships & I give you a decision.... will you take it as a reason to work on compassion or selfishness? 

A friend walks up & is having a hard day, do you take the time necessary to build up & encourage that friend or do you begin talking about your own life & how things are going great for you? 

All it takes is a little awareness. I hope i have given you some of that today. I hope that I had something you need...

"If we only die once, I want to die with you. 
I know that we are not the same, but I'm so damn glad that we made it to this time." -one republic

Happy Easter 


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