Festival Season is hard upon us! If you are planning on visiting any of the MANY festivals across North America, you want to make sure you are ready to head out for the day!

whether you plan an all day trip or a weekend getaway. Having a place to sit inside out of the sun can mean the difference between sweating your makeup off or staying fabulously good looking. Free people has a tent that is amazing both in looks and in color! At it's steep price for a two person sleeping area, its relatively small for what you get. But come on, how many tents have you seen with adorable flowers on the outside and could possibly provide tons of photographic opportunities for years of summers to come? As a photographer i don't know if i could pass this up. I looked up tutorials of examples to see if anyone has tried this before, but online came up with NOTHING Grrrr. I'm all for making cheaper versions of things but it looks like your stuck with the original unless i find a 10$ tent for sale and attempt my best at the flower replicas. 

Another thing to be sure to invest in, although at a greatly lesser price range.Is a festival survival kit. Free People has one that includes many necessary items.  
click image for link to Free People!
The fest survival kit includes a dry shampoo powder, and a sea salt hair spray. A bandanna that has been hand bleached, and two unique hair-ties  A lanyard to hold all your goodies and a temporary feather tattoo. And it all comes in a hand dyed bag UNIQUE with every purchase! 

If you aren't into the whole dyeing your hair  colors like hot pink, purple, blue. or even black or red. 
Just leave it to free people to bring out a hair chalk! NATURALLY its going to work WAY better if you have a lighter shade of hair color, if you don't want to pay FP's price just go to wal-mart and get some pastels for art. and you can use them to get the same effect. Free People explains how they recommend you use them on their website. And i have to admit that the bottom right tin is my favorite! I want to buy the black one so BAD! 

I don't know where you live, but here in Texas it gets HOT. & then COLD in a matter of minutes. Which is why its important to wear layers, and protect yourself from the sun and wind. Sunglasses, and loose fitting clothing are a girls best friend when it comes to hours in the sun with nothing to do but braid your hair and sing along. 

If you are a tanning type I don't know what you use in the sun, BUT if your a paleface like me ;) I recommend Neutrogena sunscreen. It comes anywhere from 15 spf to 100+ and i use 100+ everytime i am going out in the sun for a long period of time. 

I know that I have yet to get my first tattoo, so those of you who have them might think me a total pansy for even suggesting this, but for those of you with bare shoulders and naked arms, you might really appreciate the beauty of these gorgeous temporary tattoos. I want all of them! (Also from Free People)

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