As many of you may not know.... We 
(the husband and I) live with his grandparents. Mostly for a LARGE personal reason that affects our entire livelihood. (if you want to know more send me an email, or find me on Facebook I promise to give you more of the story.) But enough back-story. . . . 

When Grandmother and Grandfather left for the day she told me she had bought some newer Teavana teas for me to try!
I immediately got excited! For those of you who are not avid tea drinkers the names of these will sound even weirder than they did to me.

This bright herbal infusion is a fragrant orchard bursting with deep berry and sublime nut flavors. Ripe grape, tangy black currant and sweet hibiscus pair with creamy almond and rosehips to create a heavenly harvest of bountiful deliciousness. CONTAINS NUTS 

Bright berry and grape with a subtle nutty flavor of almonds with a hint of sweet spice

Ingredients:Hibiscus flowers, rosehip peels, apple pieces, grapes, black currants, natural & artificial flavoring, marigold petals
Nirvana for the dessert lover, this magnificent herbal blend is deliciously decadent and oh-so-sweet. Rich chocolate, creamy caramel and ripe banana blend smoothly with soft notes of apple, pineapple and rosehips for a guilt-free treat you know you so richly deserve. 

Rich chocolate and caramel with sweet banana

Ingredients:Apple pieces, pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, citric acid), cocoa kernels, banana chips, carob bits, rosehip peels, natural & artificial flavoring
**descriptions and list of ingredients above taken  from the Teavana website. 
Quiet people have louder minds
Quiet people have louder minds
I think that both teas were excellent! However i was so taken with the bright hues in the berry amaretto tea that i took a lot of photos & ended up steeping that tea too long. It ended up with a deep fruity yet bitter taste that i wasn't too fond of. I'm making it again because I'm convinced that it tastes WAY better when made correctly. :) BUT the Chocolate bananas foster! THAT tea was so lovely! The flavor can only be described as decadent! So in my opinion....& many a tea has crossed these lips, The chocolate bananas foster was better than the Berry Almond Amaretto. BUT I do need to re-steep some of it just to be sure! If I decide different I'll be sure to let you know! off to make more tea! 

- Jessica

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