I clocked out of my waitressing job today with one thought. "I don't have to wait tables forever if I don't want to." Then I realized that for the first time in 5 years I have a chance to put myself in a different occupation. One I would choose for myself if I had the opportunity.  I have been given that opportunity and I've been blessed with the chance to go to The Blogcademy this Friday. The closer it gets the more I realize how truly unprepared I am for this. I have no business cards. I have no pro-skills, and I don't know blog jargon. I feel like I'm stepping into a truly Alice in Wonderland moment. I'm taking a step towards something that can change the course of my life forever. Now is when my dedication to myself and my dream is most important.
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my own version of wonderland
Tomorrow I am going to be packing and planning for my journey. My nerves are a mess and I hardly think I will sleep a wink tonight not to mention tomorrow night. I'm spending tonight with dear friends and my loved ones as I contemplate my future and where I'm heading. what is my passion. how am I fueling it. and where do I want to go from here?  I have until Tuesday morning to answer some critical questions. After that who knows what will happenremember you will always regret the things you didn't do

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