These concepts might be old news to you, but for me these were all new discoveries this week and I am eager to talk to  people who have these services and use them! I want to know if you like what you receive, if you are a part of these groups. If you aren't then i may have just given you a new addiction. So here is what i came across this week. 
Polyvore is used by many as a fashion inspiration board...similar to what you would find in a designers office or work-space. But this is a digital version. it can be used for way more than just a fashion fix it, this website inspires me on more than just a fashionable level. I will share some of the images i Created using polyvore below. I know that a lot of fellow bloggers do not share how they create and manage their images...but I can't help myself. Polyvore holds endless opportunities and combinations and i see myself using it frequently in the future. The minds behind this website are genuises, and even more exciting is the ability to take one of your own images and use it :)   (click on polyvore image for link)
Stitch-fix .....basically as i understand it you pay 20$ a month for a box of goodies that have been styled directly towards information you fill out on the website. You can ask for no pants, or no shirts, you can ask for anything! you can be singular box specific. or You can be yearly generic.

 I loved that they had the different types of style to choose from. Like bohemian, preppy, classic, romantic, or edgy. Those are just a few. I of course chose bohemian, romantic, and classic.

 I stay away from preppy and glamorous. choosing only a small bit edgy. 

The way you can go into detail about what you like or dislike is nice, but i have yet to pay for it because i am chicken. You give them your size height weight etc. and they customize a box for you.

 If you dislike something from the box you send it back (they send you an envelope for that, also they pay for shipping both ways.) They way i understand what they say on their site is that you choose what you like and then based on what you keep your 20$ can go towards that. HOWEVER it doesn't pay for the full price of your clothing. 

Which is why my husband and i decided not to do it. Because in the long run i would probably end up paying the 20$ for a happy package that i would end up sending back because we didn't have the money to keep anything. :/ 

Maybe one day i will embark on this fashion adventure. Maybe even try edgy ;) 

This is something i am interested in hearing more about. 
I want to know what your experiences have been with the customer service and the products! If you have any info let me know! I've been reading on-line and I am very intrigued. 

(Click on the stitch-fix cross-stitch image for link)

I am not sure if you could sense the amazing-ness in my voice there. THIS idea, this concept is amazing! I LOVE IT
I asked for this for my birthday and for Christmas  that's how much I love it. Something i pulled from their questions portion of their website (link is in the photo to the left)
What does Umba mean?The word umba comes from a Swahili word meaning "to create". We strive to empower handmade artists and small-batch producers around the world, by providing a unique outlet for them to get their products into the hands of new customers.

The customer service reviews on Umba Box are great! I think the idea for the discovering of new artists of handmade goods by mailing different products to subscribers is brilliant! SO brilliant i wish i had thought of it! :) I hope that for Christmas i can be so lucky as to receive a subscription to Umba Box. You get a surprise box in the mail with one to three goodies that are handmade goods in it! you can do 3 to 12 month subscriptions! :) LOVELY!


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