September may be gone and October underway but there are so many things I loved about it, I discovered new things that I have yet to share with you. SO here are my September favorites :) I hope you enjoy!
PictureImage from Artifact Uprising
Artifact Uprising has a new collection of soft cover designs for photo books that makes me want to scream "take my money!" This is going to become how we preserve our memories and share them with others. Books of pictures just seem to be the wisest way to go. Without having to go to the hassle of grabbing the laptop and waiting for all those pictures to load and skipping through the ones that don't really convey the emotion of the moment. This way you can select the ones you want and share it with those around you. Not only that but it will make your small moments in life much more appreciated. Absolutely one of my favorite finds for September. If soft cover books are not your favorite way to go, then they even offer hard cover books that look almost unreal. It is an affordable and adorable way to present memories as a gift or as a treasure in your home. 

PictureImage is my own
One of the things we do in our marriage is challenge one another to become better. We pick a challenge a week, like reading a new book, or creating a new habit. Once we complete the challenge we get a reward! (That is the best part in my opinion!) This month of september we conquered our goals to get the prize! My prize was to make an apple pie. Yes, i do realize that is a weird idea of a reward. But most people who know me know that I never allow myself to spend much on me. And I have been wanting pie since september started! So I started planning to bake an apple pie from scratch. WELL.....I was on pinterest one day and I found this recipe for apple pie cookies from Oh Bite It. Needless to say it is AMAZING!! I cooked them for 25 minutes and the house smelled like pie for hours. BEST AIR FRESHENER EVER. So easy and perfect for breakfast with coffee. I want to make a cherry rendition and maybe even try making smaller ones. I didn't have a cookie cutter so i used a good sized bar glass. Improvisation at its finest! Let me know what you think!

PictureImage from Darby Smart
For the ultimate DIY fanatic Darby Smart is the site for you! You can submit your own project designs. Or just purchase some and make them yourself! This is AWESOME! I want to buy all of them. BUT the block printing starter set is probably my favorite one out of all of them! Just see the potential! I love all the design photos and the ability to share your own after you finish it! The whole idea of the showroom is awesome, its so cool to see what all the buyers are doing with their kits. If the showroom doesn't make you want to purchase a kit I don't know what will.


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