“Is this where all the cool kids sit?” Shauna Haider asked as she sat down next to me. I nodded & moved some of my things so she could sit on the couch. “This is just like an episode of friends.” Gala Darling said as she lounged in a chair across from us, Kat Williams sitting next to her. It was the end of the first day of The Blogcademy in Austin Texas. Held at Vuka, I was thrilled to be there, winning the scholarship has been the greatest achievement of my life so far.
     After class we lounged about for an hour discussing anything & everything. We discussed testing our friendships with the directions of conversation, & talked about Ed & his experience with reading Auras.  As we all divulged our plans for the rest of the night, I came to feel comfortable with the women in chairs around me. I learned that when you see someone on the internet they determine how well you get to know them, I realized that there are still things that are important to keep private, like pieces of family life. 

    I also learned that the World Wide Web has a way of creating & starting long term friendships. Kat, Gala, & Shauna have a connection that works together like a finely tuned orchestra. They all know what one another’s strengths are & they work together perfectly to create the symphony that is The Blogcademy. 
    With so much going on in the room, it was hard to focus on anything for too long.. But when the Headmistresses would stop for breaks, I surprisingly found myself stuck to my seat., Hungering not for the cookies but for more information. Anything these three successful women have to say about blogging is worth writing down & memorizing. I got a great many quotes from the weekend. Some were quite hilarious, & were shared on twitter. Others, I kept mostly for self-observation. Catching quotes from others seems to be a skill I have been refining since childhood. I am constantly writing quips & sayings down in artistic format & I thought The Blogcademy would be an excellent time to focus on this, I was proven right. (more on this in a following post) I want to share some of them with you here.
“Even if you feel like no one’s reading that’s totally normal.” 

- Gala Darling

“It has to be done” 

- Kat Williams

“If you think it’s annoying other people probably think it’s annoying.”

- Kat Williams

“People often say things because they want to be heard.”

- Gala Darling
    I think The Blogcademy is a great melting pot of different cultures, beliefs, & life experiences. It is always great to get some time outside of your comfort zone & be in the middle of a group of women who truly believe in one another. It isn't often that you see such a diverse group of ladies that are bent on inspiring each other to see what they can accomplish. 

   My drive & passion are finally on the same track & I feel a surge of excitement that was brought on at The Blogcademy, by learning how to fulfill the passion & purpose I have for life. That moment when Gala said, “This is just like an episode of friends.” I knew that this weekend was meant to be. It was my destiny to be among these fabulous women of passionate purpose. 

    I met so many wonderful women that weekend. Women who started their own business & love it, women who are just starting out like me, & women who are looking to see what treasures the blogging world will bring to their lives.

    If you love to write, & have been thinking about starting a blog I definitely recommend reading all they have to say about blogging on each of their sites. Or signing up for one of their 2014 classes when they announce them.. You would be surprised what you will learn just through the internet itself! I will say that the secret forum for The Blogcademy is one of the best parts of the entire experience, being able to stay in touch with the entire class at one time is amazing! Not to mention the help of the headmistresses whenever you need it.
    Remember to speak life into the people around you, & be open to things that are outside of your comfort zone. Those things are usually the things that bring us the most joy & memorable experiences.

Speak Life Sisters!
   - Jessica Smith Wallace


08/26/2013 7:01pm

Loving this post sister!! I had an amazing time meeting you and the motivation and passion we all had together was fabulous. Keep in touch and I will be checking out your blog for more updates! I just want to see it keep getting better and better!

08/26/2013 8:09pm

This absolutely sucked me in from the beginning. I love how you told it like a story. And I love that you jotted down quotes too - most of mine were the hilarious things they said...just so I'd remember. :)

Can't wait to see what you do next! Don't be a stranger since we're so close together - anytime you want to meet up for coffee and chat blogging...let me know!


09/02/2013 8:42am

Ah awesome post! I'm attending the blogcademy in London on thursday - I also won a scholarship to attend - AM SO EXCITED! :)


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