You know who that person is....it's the one, who when you come to work and see that they are there you sigh.....


This person challenges you daily.
(& by challenges you I of course mean that they push your buttons until you feel like you are about to scream at them

Around this person you find yourself tensing up, hair on your neck raising, & your mind wheels begin turning with all the horrible things you could do if you wouldn't lose your job. 

Or maybe you just really want to tell them off. You've had a rough week, there are so many more important things going on in YOUR life....why does the joy sucker even think you care?

But your work day ends just in time thankfully, leaving you looking like the calm radiant example. 

I have a Joy Sucker in my workplace 
In fact I was praying about this joy sucker yesterday.... walking through my workday realizing I was getting overwhelmed and upset way too easily. so I took a minute as I filled a bowl of soup and prayed. 

"Dear LORD JESUS CHRIST, please help me today, my patience is thin, & I am getting overly upset with the joy sucker. I can not take much more. "

NOW. there are a few flaws in my prayer. 
first, there's my attitude towards said person.
second, my exasperation towards my Jesus.
third, "I can not take much more".

I can admit, that there are times when I take God's name and put far too bad an emphasis behind it. 
I can admit that I get frustrated with my situations. 
I can even admit that I NEVER have to handle things alone. Too often though, I choose to try. 
What I found hard to admit.....was what that still small voice put into my thoughts at that moment. 

YOU ....are the joy sucker.

My anger flashing, my mind reeling, I dismissed the thought. 

Me the JOY SUCKER ha ha PRICELESS, I thought to myself.

But I revisited the thought as I sat in the salon chair later that day. I let my entire attitude at work just overwhelm me. I felt horrible, I was rude, I was short, I was unjustifiable, I was complaining, I was unhappy. I really was the Joy Sucker.


Not me....I was in reality the bane of my very existence, I had become the very person I despised. I felt guilt ridden for the rest of the afternoon. 

Until I spoke with my husband who made me realize I could let go.
He made me think about this verse..... because I all too often fight God for control. I all too often think I know what is best. 
 2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

Comparison really is the thief of joy they don't say who's joy is being stolen. The reason being I think, because in reality I was taking not only my joy....by looking at what the other person was doing, but I was sucking my own joy. & everyone else's, with how angry I had become.  

I am so happy that God blessed me by teaching me a lesson about this yesterday. Because I needed a kick in the pants, I needed to get back to being a joy giver. 

JOY be given to YOU and YOURS through HIM!

Jessica Smith Wallace



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