(Love is time unmanaged by the world's clock or minutes. Love goes by as a moment. Singular and compound. Days upon days. Hours added to hours. And brief seconds of immense greatness all bound into a single organ that sustains our being. We can feel it. We can act upon it. We can commit to it. Above all true love is unconditional. Through Time. Space. Arguments. Differences. and Similarities. Love is taking those complications and embracing them. Agreeing to change and grow together for a greater purpose than yourself. ) -an excerpt from my own journaling.

The moments in life that we glimpse seconds of are the ones that sustain our lust for living. noticing how the sunlight hits your skin. embracing the warmth of the world as it feeds and changes on its cycle. appreciating how bright and vibrant everything is in that individual second.

we can capture these moments even easier now that cellphones are created with some of the most amazing camera features.

we used to have to pay for film and relish the views we saw until we just loved something enough to use our film on it. and now those minutes and seconds of life that we experience can be made visible to other people. 

You can always be a good influence on the people around you. You can change the way other people see the world.


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