Hello friends! Sorry I have been away lately.
 I've been working on a lot of self stuff this week. Well really the entire month of May. 
We have gotten involved with a group that promotes leadership development and I've been working with my husband a lot more on our skills and goals as a couple. 

Here are what those goals look like this summer.
  1. Take better care of our things. (car, home. camera)
  2. Save up 4000$ (we have 1,000)
  3. Take better care of our bodies
  4. Spend less on eating out, and more on cooking in.
  5. Going to church together Sunday mornings (for the first time in five years my job has given me Sunday mornings off so we finally have this opportunity)

And here are what our skills look like. 

  1. Communicating well ....ALWAYS room for improvement but for the most part, we do a great job.
  2. Listening to one another share their dreams and desires
  3. Encouraging one another publicly
  4. Backing the other 100%
  5. Trusting one another and working on it constantly
  6. Being best friends first
I love how cute he is when he sleeps...one of the best moments in our marriage.
so many mornings spent looking out the window with malakir, sipping teas and coffees. Its a good day

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