Hello September. My favorite month of the year, no it’s not because of the temperature change. In Texas it’s hot till November most years. It’s because it’s time to start implementing all my pumpkin knowledge & utilize it in coffees, baked goods, & smell good stuff around the house! This is my favorite half of the year. Leaves are falling, & the air is crisp with change. Sweaters are coming out; I grab my electric blanket for the cooler nights, & socks in many colors & lengths! Not to mention boots! As a tribute to my favorite month of the year, & my favorite half of the year….I am going to be doing a month long 4 goal challenge. Now as a reader you can either follow me along as I work hard to keep up with my goals. Or you could come up with your own!  It’s pretty hard for me to think of ways to challenge myself, because I like my life the way it is. Lazy mornings, coffee at noon, breakfast soon afterwards (I know isn't that the life?). However, I realize that I am giving myself too much sleep & not enough time to be active & working on the things that are truly important. So of course I need to change things up a bit & become a bit more active in my lifestyle. It is time to commit to the things that I should take time doing instead of lazing around till noon. What better time to do that than the month that I feel symbolizes change? 
Goal #1 is to get up before 9 every day

SHEESH I know that is crazy right? I know some of you are up at 6am or 4am & you’re like I wish I could get up at 9 every morning. Well I wait tables so I don't have to be at work until at least 10:45 which is nice yeah….but NOT productive at all. So before nine means ANY time before nine, I could get up at 7 or I could crawl from my pillows at 8:59 as long as my feet hit the floor before 9 am sharp. This is a goal I actually am excited about because I feel most creative in the mornings & before I got married I would be up with the sun. I've been lackadaisical with my habits since getting married and I want so desperately to fix them.
Goal #2 is fold every load of laundry out of the dryer.

AGAIN I realize this is a basic task. However I think my goals for this month are going to be simple tasks that I haven’t been perfecting since getting married. These things need work lemme tell you. So every load that goes through the wash & into the dryer needs to be hung up or folded. Thankfully my hubby doesn't mind putting things away once I have them in the folded or hung up stage. I just need to work on getting it there. I’m going to take a before & after photo & at the end of the month I will post them showing my progress & how well I focused on my challenges. 

Goal #3 is to do my make up in the house.

I am an avid fan of the “let’s do make up in the car” routine. It’s how my mom did her make up for years. & after watching her practice that habit in the car with my dad driving I realized I took that tradition & made it my own. There would be no issue with this except.

1. I leave my make up in the car (BAD BAD BAD IDEA)

2. Hubby hates driving, Like he despises it. & I actually for the most part don’t mind it if I know where I am going.

SO I am going to work on that. I want my make up to last longer & not get all disgusting. & I want my husband to stay happy instead of thinking I personally go out of my way to do my make up in the car so he has to drive. Plus with me getting up at 9 instead of noon or later…..ill have so much time ill be bored to death! 

Goal #4 is to sketch out one of my favorite quotes a week.

I’ll do a post on these as well. I think that a daily quote would be too hard for me to commit too but if I find that getting up before nine gives me time to commit to that then perhaps I will do that instead 

 we shall see! SOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS!

Join me on this project!!!  Monthly 4 Goal Challenge!

Comment here or on my facebook page to let me know what four goals your working on.

Speak Life Sisters

-          Jessica Smith Wallace


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