I have been red-headed for a good many years…that’s not to say that other colors haven’t come and gone since then. But this time I feel like a personal attachment to my hair has not only affected me but also the people around me. I could go into a million hair places and ask them to do something different with my hair and every time they kept it red. I can’t seem to get away from the red….it’s like my hair loves red dye and embraces it with every follicle. But this year I am feeling something different and brown hair has been calling me….I know I don’t share tiny weird facts about me here. But something weird about me is that I HATE it when my eyebrows and hair are not the same color. So I am literally bursting with excitement over coloring my hair back to a more natural shade!!! Maybe now ill feel brave enough to do some eyebrow makeovers! (meaning making them look more…..idk defined with make up )..........


Red hair you have served me quite well over the last few years. And I have loved and loved you with every waking breath. But it is time for a change. and who knows .....well i can't lie.....I KNOW we will meet again. 

BUT this is your temporary Eulogy 


-Much redheaded love while it lasts
Jessica Smith Wallace


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