I am a lover of all things creative. But I have a stronger passion for things that are homemade & of natural texture & composure. I also fall in love with grouped items of the same natural feel. I especially like it when that grouping is a larger one consisting of soaps, dishes, jellies, coffee, purses, scarves, jewelry and other homey goods. SO when I came across Shoppe by scout mob I was pleasantly surprised because it was as if it had been tailored exactly to my liking. I loved everything. In fact I have quite a good many christmas present ideas just from their site. Below I have included photos of a few diverse items on their site & I hope you enjoy this shoppe as much as I do. Each photo links to the specific page on which you can purchase that individual item from the shoppe. I hope you LOVE IT as much as I do!

*disclaimer* none of the pictures from this post are my own! 

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