Remember when you pinkie swore you would be best friends forever?

I think we've all done it. 

Giggling children unable to see how we could ever be separated. 

we promised
I promised.

I have promised before.
I have stopped promising.

Best Friends Forever.

That phrase has a lot of weight in it.. 

Sadly not as much now as it did then. Probably because of the lack of faith that it holds. There is no belief. We don't have the same amount of trust in that phrase any more. 
The words "Best Friend" can mean very little when we have been abandoned by many, left for someone who gave them what they wanted, or just simply because we grew apart.

Just like a person who grew up without a father. How can the word Father have any meaning when they have no standard to hold it to? How can the words Best Friends Forever have any meaning to us when we forever look for the standard & are met with lacking expectations.

There are quotes that touch us
moments that scar us, 
& people who rest in our hearts forever. 
But it's hard to have a best friend forever in the adult world. 

It seems to me that life has a way of throwing certain people together for key times in life, & then when its over....when you have either learned the lesson or chosen to ignore it....you find yourself torn apart. Though painful sometimes, I believe fully that most of these unions & desertions are for our benefit. 

We would not fully rely on The One who saves us if we had a person to go to for every problem. 

I love my husband & call him my best friend often. However....He can not compare to the real lover of my soul. 

The Friend who is always there. 

I can call on him at 3 am. 

I can talk to him in the shower, 

He doesn't need me to give him anything but my time, & since there is no place or time he won't agree to meet me. . . 

I have no excuse but to respond. 

No excuse not to try
No excuse not to give him my heart.
No excuse to tell him all my deepest feelings

No reason not to commit-
to the true best friendship I have ever encountered. 

To him....I would promise...Best Friends Forever.

Peace, Love, and Blessings



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