"my comfort zone is the most dangerous place to live
                                                                              - Jessica Wallace
Going to the beach with my sister was fantastic. 
It was just the day get away that I needed. 
Talk about walking the beach & taking pictures to my hearts content. It was like a dream day. My sister is the perfect companion for this type of day, she appreciates a good photo session as much as I do. 
 We walked around & if we saw something we wanted to photograph we did! For many people such a luxury will not be seen as such. But for me & my sister, walking & taking pictures together is the best way to spend our day. 

The ocean made me think a lot about life & how small I am in the great scheme of things. God created all of the beauty in the world for our enjoyment. How blessed are we? & how greater still is it to think that heaven is still greater than the things we see & touch on earth? Hubby started a new job this week, & we have been struggling this past month more than usual to make ends meet. I am realizing more & more that I do not want to be a waitress for the rest of my life, & I am recognizing that my comfort zone is the most dangerous place to live. When we get comfortable the devil is winning. He takes pride in those who live life comfortable in their problems. WHY would you ever want to stop dreaming or seeing more for yourself & your family? Hubby & i have successfully had our family meeting two weeks in a row! It is a great feeling to be meeting on purpose. Not like casual conversation .....but intentional corrective communication. I know that it will help us a lot in the long run. What adventures have you gone on this spring? Or do you have any big trips planned for the summer? I went to the Hempstead graveyard today and took tons of photos. You may see some of them here soon! 

- Jessica Wallace


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