I spent all day, at the beach yesterday. 
Walking up & down the dunes, searching for buried treasures in the sand.
I was very excited to see sea glass, & TONS of driftwood. 
I had a strong desire to build a fire right there on the beach, but sadly beach fires are a no no. 

I have to say there were quite an abnormal amount of thoughts about life in my head yesterday. I had so many images in my head, from the waves on the shore, to the dilapidated beach houses lining the streets in faded colors that had lost their original shade due to the sand and salt in the air. The chunks of rock lining the shore & seashells littering the sand gave me thoughts about the way that life is never in control. No matter how often I trick myself into believing that I am in control of what's happening, I am never EVER in control. 

Life just happens. 

Sometimes, things happen & we can't control it. 
We have to work around our issues, those things that forever seem to threaten to impale our dreams & crash them on the rocks. I have issues, my marriage has issues, my husband has issues, but we are a team. We work through them. We acknowledge the problem, & move on. We can't let our issues rule our lives. 

Some people who read this, will not fully understand what issues I am talking about, only those who know me....can understand. Only those who are friends or close family, can grasp what issues we have. 

But sometimes, there are moments when you just feel like sharing everything with those around you. & this is one of those. 
All I can say right now is that you should NEVER assume the worst of someone, & you should never participate in spreading harmful rumors. Maybe one of these days I will share our story. Maybe soon. I believe we have one that needs telling. & I think the world will be a better place if I tell it. We will wait & see, I'm waiting for God's timing. 

Everyone you meet is fighting their own battle. You can't always see the outcome of your choices. But you can work hard to be happy in them. 

I love my life, I love my husband, & I love being married.

There are hard moments, wonder-filled days, & I don't want to's along the way. That does not mean that we stop where we are. In fact the only thing that keeps me going is change.

 There are times when we  need that crash upon the rocks. That moment when the waves come in, go over our heads, get salt in our eyes, & make things hard to see. 

We have to have moments of uncertainty to get to the moments where we can look back & say that we are glad we made those decisions because they helped grow us & change us in to who we are today. 

ALL glory to God the Father

-Jessica Wallace.

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