Today I want to talk about something we have all experienced and are still experiencing.

 In every life story,

In every biblical story,

In every historical story,

In every movie,

In every book,

And in every person’s life.


There is the repeating occurrence of a pattern.  

Behind every war won,

Behind every communicating couple,

Behind every relationship,

Behind every job,

Behind every dollar spent,

Behind everything… the reoccurring pattern of




In world history there are always stories of war, conquests, inventions, and important people that made a difference in our community and in our world today.

Without their patterns of




Who knows where we would be today.

The Bible even backs this up with stories of DREAM. STRUGGLE. VICTORY. And in Ecclesiastes, Solomon is talking about how nothing is new under the sun, NOTHING.  

Your struggles,

Your temptations,

Your infidelity,

Your problems with money,

Your issues with moving out,

Your communication problems with a loved one,

Your stubbornness with apologizing and forgiving that certain someone,

Your laziness,

Your battle between flesh and soul,

These are all things that have been a problem for many people throughout history.

So when you have a dream.

KNOW there will be a struggle to get there.

BUT if you push through that struggle you will eventually reach a victory.

There is an image I have seen lately on the internet that has driven home this reality……

How often have i struggled through the most of a problem without reaching my victory because i gave in too soon to the struggle? I wasn't willing to play hurt. I stopped to take care of how much i was hurting. I stopped going. stopped trying. stopped pursuing what i dreamed for myself and if only.....if only i had tried one more day. 

Just take a few minutes and think about how many struggles you are going through, usually there are multiples, and remember that facing them head on with persistence and dedication….will end.... with you 

keeping the dream in mind 
through the struggle 
to get to the victory.

-Speak Life!
Jessica Smith Wallace


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